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Najm laboratory, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA USA

The Najm laboratory is recruiting postdoctoral associates to perform groundbreaking research on the human epigenome. We develop and apply perturbational tools, i.e. CRISPR and base editors, and genomics assays, i.e. RNAseq/ChIPseq/ATACseq, to elucidate gene regulatory networks of disease relevant targets.    

The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard is a vibrant research environment with close links to top academic institutions and hospitals across the Boston area. The people, resources, and culture of the Broad enable crosscutting approaches to our most important biological problems and therapeutic challenges. The Broad Institute has launched a new effort, the “Gene Regulation Observatory” (GRO) part of the Epigenomics Program. The mission of the GRO is to deeply understand and harness the fundamental processes of genome regulation in cells. The Najm Laboratory has been part of the GRO since 2020.

The Candidate

Are you excited by the non-coding genome and have a knack for clever experimental strategy? We seek a highly motivated PhD scientist who wants to transform human health by leveraging the non-coding genome in novel ways. You will have the opportunity to lead functional genomics studies by developing novel technologies and discovering viable leads for preclinical advancement. You will connect with partner laboratories to advance our work and collaborate on large-scale studies.

Key responsibilities (characteristic duties):

The successful candidate will make essential contributions to high throughput laboratory workflows, including CRISPR library production and screening, cell culture experimentation, data analysis, and project management. The candidate will advise members in the laboratory and coordinate collaboration across project teams to advance our research goals.

Expected skills and expertise:

Extensive experience in laboratory science including molecular biology, cell culture, and lentiviral transduction. Interpersonal skills to partner with a team of research associates and collaborators. Experience with computational data analysis is a plus but not required.   

Required Qualifications:

-Current or expected PhD in biology, genetics, biochemistry, or related subject

-Extensive experience with cell culture, molecular cloning, and lentiviral transduction

-Excellent written and verbal communication skills

-Must be able to handle a variety of tasks and adapt to a highly dynamic environment

Please contact Fadi Najm

[email protected]